8th Grade

Homeroom Teacher: Mrs. Tiarks

During Social Studies, US History picks up where we left off in seventh grade; the Civil War and continues to modern day. Students use technology, writing, and primary sources to learn about eras in history including World War 1 and 2, Korea, Vietnam and conflicts in the Middle East. Other areas of study include Women’s Suffrage, Civil Rights, the Great Depression, the Cold War and current events.

We are also trying to use common core standards in 7th and 8th-grade math. All three classes are finding the math more difficult because common core pushes the content ahead. Some of what the 6th graders are doing used to be in 7th grade; some of what the 7th graders are doing used to be in 8th grade; and some of what the 8th graders are doing used to be taught in algebra. When we get the new series for 7th and 8th next year, the transition for the 7th graders should be easier, and the 8th graders will be well prepared for high school math.

They attend the Career Conference at the I Hotel. This will provide them with an opportunity to hear about some careers that they may be interested in or some that they will definitely not want. Either way, it will them think about a career before they sign up for high school classes. They will probably be selecting classes for high school in February.