Teacher: Mrs. Pollard (Website)

Simply being able to use technology is no longer enough. Today’s students need to be able to use technology to analyze, learn, and explore. Digital age skills are vital for preparing students to work, live, and contribute to the world in which we live. The technology curriculum at Gifford Grade School places an emphasis on the technology skills and knowledge that will best prepare students for high school, college, the workplace, and our digital society.

All students at Gifford Grade School have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with many types of technology. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade are able to learn in the technology lab twice a week while the sixth through eighth-grade students have lab time on a daily basis. Areas of emphasis are keyboarding, coding, Google Apps, digital literacy, STEM education, and project-based learning opportunities.

All students at Gifford Grade School are educated in Digital Citizenship. The curriculum used here at Gifford Grade School was established by Common Sense Media and can be viewed at

We also review the school’s Acceptable Use Policy in all of our classes which is located in the school handbook. It is important that students understand what is and what is not permitted at school in regards to technology and the Internet. The safety of the students is our highest priority, so the AUP will be enforced at all times. Willful negligence of the policies stated in the AUP could result in severe consequences for the student in question.