In PE we are going to have the opportunity to bring in an archery instructors from Armstrong Potomac High school.  They are going to come to Gifford the week of 1/8/18-1/12/18 to provide instruction to all students at Gifford.  This will give all of the students a chance to see if archery is something that they would like to be involved in.  All of the instruction will take place during PE.  There is no cost for the students to be able to participate in archery for the week that the archery instructors are here.
Below is a handout that has some details of practice and getting involved in the sport.  Please read the handout and if you have questions, you can call one of the coaches at the bottom of the sheet.  Everything on the attachment will be up to each individual family to get involved with.  There is also practices coming up that students can attend at no cost.
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