2020-2021 Registration Information and Forms

The following are the state requirements: 

2nd grade- Dental Exam (Completed and turned in to the school office by May 1, 2021) 

6th grade-Physical Exam (An updated physical with immunization record is required for all students entering 6th grade.) Dental Exam (Completed and turned in to the school office by May 1, 2021) 

5th-8th grade- Athletic Physical Exam (All students participating in athletics must provide an annual physical prior to participation which includes practice.) 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jami at robertsi@gifford.k12.il.us

Dental Exam

Health Exam

Sports Physical

Congratulations, Gracie!

4th Quarter Student of the Quarter-Gracie Gordon

Student of the 4th quarter!

The fourth quarter this year has been like no other quarter. The fourth quarter consisted of complete remote learning, something never done before.

Fourth quarter in 8th grade requires students to stay focused and disciplined to be successful, and this year even more so. This student has been consistent all year, not just the 4th quarter. This student works hard, stays on top of their assignments, has excellent grades, but is also an incredible young person who is very dependable and trustworthy, and lights up a room with their laugh. The 8th student of the quarter is Gracie Gordon.

Congratulations Gracie! We are proud of your accomplishments.

Congratulations, Chloe!

3rd Quarter Student of the Quarter-Chloe Clements

Due to the early closure of the school building, we were unable to have the 3rd quarter assembly as planned. However, we would still like to honor our third quarter student of the quarter.

Third quarter is the hardest quarter to stay motivated as there’s nothing really exciting about it. The student of the quarter for third quarter not only stayed on top of their work, they also excelled in their math class this quarter, which consists of one of the hardest topics of the whole year. The student is also incredibly responsible, respectful, and a great young person.

The 8th grade student of the quarter for 3rd quarter is Chloe Clements. Congratulations Chloe. We are proud of your hard work and accomplishments!


School Report Card

Dear Gifford CCSD #188 Family,

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has released the annual School Report Card at www.illinoisreportcard.com.  The Report Card shows how well our school is progressing on a wide range of educational goals.  We are proud of our students’ overall scores in being above state averages in English/Language Arts and Math.  I encourage you to visit the website.

This progress reflects the investments we have made at GGS.  Our staff, in partnership with you, are continuing to focus on elevating student achievement in all academic and social-emotional aspects of education.  GGS will continue to assess curriculum design, instructional practices and educational programs. We will disaggregate local and state data to assess how well we are meeting our students’ needs and make adjustments and improvements where needed to increase student achievement.

One component of the School Report Card is the summative designation – a descriptor of how well our school is meeting the needs of all students.  This designation score is based on eight indicators of academic success and school quality. Our designation of Commendable is the same as the last school year.  The highest designation a school can achieve is Exemplary.

For the first time ever, these designation and academic indicators appear alongside site-based expenditures – how much money our district spends per student at GGS.  With these two data points, we have the opportunity to take a closer look at the relationship between financial investments and student outcomes. Keep in mind there are a number of data points that affect student outcomes, but this is new to the report card this year.

Please call if you have any questions.