Book Fair Clipart

Gifford is excited to announce that we are having a Book Fair starting December 5th-10th. The

profits from the book fair will purchase new books for our students and staff to use at Gifford
Grade School. This is also a great time to stock up on books for the holiday reading gifts!

The Scholastic Book Fair hours are as follows:
Monday, 12/5 4:30-7:30 PM (open during concert)
Tuesday, 12/6 Teachers will bring kids down
Wednesday 12/7 Teachers will bring kids down
Thursday 12/8 Teachers will bring kids down
Friday 12/9 Teachers will bring kids down

The children will be able to shop for books throughout the day (with parent or teacher permission) and take the books home the day of purchase. Please be aware there is tax charged on all purchases and the tax rate is 7.25 %. Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted for payment. Due to the national coin shortage we cannot give coins back as change. We will “round up” the purchase and use those funds to grant book prizes to children at Gifford Grade School.

Parents are welcome to shop anytime the fair is open. Our teachers will have book wishes set
up at the fair. We will show you where those are if you would like to purchase books to support
your child’s classroom library.